The Social Security Maximizer™ with redesigned reports and improved navigation is now available at It also has the Social Security changes that were signed into law on 11/2/15. Existing users can login with the same credentials and access the data previously entered............... Again, the website is More to follow. Stay tuned.

Employee Benefits

Employers use OMYEN's unique technologies and services to reduce their healthcare costs, to help employees better plan for their retirement and lifetime finances, and to imrove ERISA compliance.

Lifetime Healthcare Cost Plan Driving Behavioral Changes

Life Estimator

  • - Interactive & lifestyle based
  • - Catalyst for healthier lifestyles
  • - Quick & easy to use

Employee Healthcare Cost Planner

  • - Personalized and interactive
  • - Helps reduce cost before and during retirement
  • - Reduces employer's cost and improves productivity
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Unbiased Retirement & Lifetime Financial Planning For Employees

Education & Planning

  • - Quick financial checkup & score
  • - Actionable plan & progress report
  • - Improved ERISA compliance
  • - Improved productivity & retention

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Plan Execution

  • - Personalized risk & timeframe based
  • - Generic asset allocation
  • - Plan specific allocation through plan advisor

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